Bertrand Waucquez

Fields of expertise

1. Energy
2. Port operations
3. Logistics (IT)
4. Strategy on China
and Japan operations


Languages spoken

. Dutch (fluent)
. French (fluent)
. English (excellent)
. German (good)
. Spanish (very good)
. Japanese (very good)
. Chinese (good)



Skype: bertrand_waucquez
e-mail: bw[at]

Update: 2012-01-07 (bw)







•Completed a post-academic training on "Energy in buildings" (KVIV and Universiteit Gent, 2009-2010, examination and certificate ok August 2010)

•Several publications related to the Energy sector in "Places to be" (2007-2010)

•Led the Logistics & Purchase Department of a major Belgian player in the two-wheels sector (2008-2009).

•Led the migration project for a major shipping line as part of the integration of their newly acquired Ro-Ro business. It involved all of the main IT systems encompassing finance, operations, HR, Customs, EDI, infrastructure and access controls (2007)

•Played a leading role in the establishment of contacts in China as part of the International Polar Foundation ( global initiative to help mitigate the effects of climate change (2007)

•Pre-market study to evaluate the potential of the Supply Chain Management system of a Dutch company (2007)

•Publications about energy use in the newsletters of the Belgium Japan Association and the Belgian-Chinese Economic and Commercial Council (2006-2007)

•Created a new strategy for a major supplier of IT systems for port activities covering short, medium and long-term product and marketing objectives. Provided essential support for the sales teams and General Manager through an exceptionally challenging time for the organisation. Also, defined in collaboration with IBM key performance indicators for the Ro-Ro division of another company related to the organisation (2005)

•Evaluation of the Chinese market for key agricultural products (Spanish company, 2004)

•Enabled a worldwide port operator to achieve major improvements in the global reporting accuracy of key financial information and other performance data through the installation and promotion of a range of reporting systems and procedures within the Belgium, Thailand and China operations (2002-2003)

•8 years experience of selling IT systems to Ports (1993-2000)